Can I project images in my location?  To project an image a surface is needed.  Some surfaces are better than others.  White is the best projection surface for color images.  Any lighter surface will project the color images well.  If the surface is black or dark, only clear (black & white foil) images will project okay.

Can I project in daylight?  No, unless the area is shaded.

How long will the image last?  The image will last from 100 hours to 2000 hours depending on the outside temperature, image background, and on/off time.

Do I need the image in clear or black Background?  Clear background images will last longer than black backgrounds. Black backgrounds produce higher quality images.

Can the projector be place off center?  The image projector can be off center as much as 30 degrees for most images without creating distortion.  For best imaging,  try to center the projector with the surface.

How do I change the size of the Image?  The image size can be changed by moving the projector closer or farther from the projected surface or with a lens kit purchased through RazTech.  Formulas are available on the web.  See product specifications on website or call.

Where do I place the projector?  The projector can be placed from 5 to 40 feet away to have a focused image.  At short distances, the image will project small and intense while at 40 feet the image will be large(16feet) and less intense.  The ideal distance is 20 feet away with a projected image size of 6 feet.

When to change the lamp?  The lamp has 3,500 hours, it will last one year if left on for eight hours a day.

What kind of lamp?  We have two lamp types -  50watt and 65watt. The 50 watt is generally use for b/w and full color images. The 65watt lamp runs hotter and is only recommended with use of b&w images.  RazTech Lamps are optically matched for best performance and long film life.

Why do I need a heat shield?  To protect color film and increase film life a heat shield is mandatory.

How do I prevent fogging?  To prevent fogging, keep the inside and outside lens clean. Anti-fogging waxes or solutions do help. The ground near the projector is a factor, stones or plastic underlaying helps.  A Rock cover will provide the best protection from fog, rain, and snow.

When do I need a Rock cover?  If you need additional protection from rain, snow, ice, fog, and vandals, a rock cover is a solution.
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