Four Channel Dimmer Unit

The RAZ4 Dimmer can control up to four lights with colors and/or images.  Four lights can be plugged into the dimmer unit and create an alternating effect.  A lighting chase can also be programmed for continuous looping.

The unit will  chase scenes automatically.  The dimmer unit can create an on/off effect for image projection or wash lighting.  For example:  Channel one and two could have projectors plugged into the dimmer unit and, channels three and four could have wash lights plugged into the dimmer unit.  The effect would be an alternating of color and projected images.

Each channel comes with two 3-prong Edison sockets, for a total of eight sockets.  Each channel is equipped with a fuse for each channel, and a maximum output load of 10A per channel or 20A total.

The dimmer unit has four buttons to program the unit as a stand-alone chaser or a DMX dimmer pack can be added.  In DMX mode the dimmer can be controlled by a standard lighting console.  In chaser/dimmer mode the unit can be programmed  with 16 chase patterns.  The chase speed, light intensity, and chase channel can also be programmed.

Four Channel on/off Chaser Unit ............  $159.99 Four Channel Chaser Unit with .................. .....DMX controller for cross fading .......  $430.00

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