* Includes internal memory and clock for PC free operation
* Easy and trouble-free USB connection
* Stores over 1,000 commands in 32KB of memory
* Feed-through outlet wonít block you from plugging in other devices
* Compatible with Smarthome manager and third-party programs
* Schedules can be set up directly on your PC

Controller & Manager software ......... $94.98

The controller is a stand-alone home automation interface for controlling lights, appliances, heating/air conditioning systems and alarm systems.  It includes on-board processing so timers and macros can be downloaded without the need to leave the computer running.
* Easy set-up, a voice prompts you step-by-step
* No complicated wiring to install
* Siren and flashing lights alert occupants & deters intruders
* System calls you when an alarm signal is detected
* Optional monitoring company can call police or fire department
This full-featured, customizable wireless security system connects in a fraction of the time of hardwired systems.  There is no complicated cabling or wiring.  After plugging in the main unit, the wireless sensors are mounted in the zones that you want to protect.  You then program the system.

When an alarm signal is detected from one of the sensors, the system sounds an 85 decibel siren.  It can also be programmed to call any phone number you choose and play a recorded message.

The system consists of a control panel, keypad, graphic LCD screen with clock, siren, speaker, and microphone all in the console shown here.  The system will hold eight different user codes and can be used as a message center to record or listen to messages.

For added convenience, this system can operate up to seven groups of X-10 controlled lights or appliances.
Unlike other wall-mounted keypads that only provide on/off control, each button on this pad can perform up to four different functions because of a programmable "toggle" ability. Press once for ON, press again for OFF. Press and hold to brighten, press and hold again to dim. If you prefer, turn off the toggle feature to send the same command every time.  The buttons illuminate when ON signals are pressed.  This pad has elegant features usually found only in systems costing thousands of dollars and requiring extensive rewiring of your home.  A small, subtle LED at the top of the switch makes it easy to find in a dark room .......... $109.99.
This luxury dimmer switch has enhanced X10 capability with true rocker action. Resume dim returns the switch to previously set dim level after it has been turned off and turned back on.  Fade ON/OFF brings lights up gradually when turned on and fades them off gradually when turned off.  The switches respond to On, Off, Bright, Dim, All Lights On and All Units Off.   No complex programming steps required for basic operation.  The Luxury Dimmer is ready for three or four-way circuits ..... $89.99.
The remote control operates as many as 16 devices (or groups of devices) and includes dimming and brightening buttons for use with dimmable lights. The plug-in base receives the commands and instantly sends them along the home's power lines. The system uses radio frequency signals intead of infrared, so you won't have to be in direct line of sight for proper operation. The remote will work as long as itís within 100 ft of the plug-in base .........  $39.99.
Newly redesigned Leviton RF base receives all 256 X10 unit codes (all House Codes and all Unit Codes). The RF base also has a built-in AC socket capable of controlling up to 300-watt incandescent loads. Unlike other RF receivers, this model is completely silent when controlling the connected load. The AC socket on the base can be programmed to responds to any of the 16 addresses on the transmitter ............ $69.99.
Combine all of your remotes into one with this pre-programmed 5-in-1 remote. It's not only pre-programmed to control most brands of TVs, VCRs, cable boxes, satellite receivers and CD players, it also sends wireless radio frequency (RF) signals to any X10 RF receiver base to control X10 devices like lights, automated drapes, thermostats and more. The radio frequency signals even works through walls, so long as the RF Base is within 50 feet ................. $54.99.
For wireless devices that sometimes don't communicate with their receivers, this X10 Radio Frequency Repeater can help. As a true radio repeater, it receives wireless signals from all X10 and compatible wireless devices and repeats the signal within milliseconds at a stronger amplitude than the original signal. Compatible with X10 wireless remotes, motion sensors, and security system sensors.  Up to four repeaters can be used to give wireless range of up to 600 ft. from base. The transmitted signal will have an approximate range of 150ft.  .......................  $69.99.
Unlike standard lamp modules, this offers two-way communication, which allows for communication with an intelligent controller or home automation software.  A Two-Way Lamp Module offers additional features not found on standard versions, including Soft Start, which gradually brings a light up over a 2 second span creating an eye-pleasing fade-in effect that prolongs bulb life.  Another feature is Resume Dim, which turns the light on at the dim level at which it was set when last turned off.  Easy to install, just plug it in ............. $54.99.

The bottom outlet behaves like a regular non-controlled outlet. The top outlet responds to X10 commands just like a 3 pin appliance module. The receptacle module responds to regular ON, OFF, and ALL UNITS OFF commands.  The local control feature is enabled on this product, making it possible to turn on the appliance plugged into the outlet without having to find a transmitter .......... $49.99.

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