Brookstone - Residential projector
Bronners - Residential projector
Sears tower -Commercial Logo projection system
Disney- Robotic lighting system
BP- Logo projection
Hammacker Schlemmer - Residential projector
Exhibit Dynamics - Display special Effects

Exhibit Group - Display special effects
Estee Lauder - Display projection system
Capital Exhibit Service - Exhibit projection
International Exhibit - Exhibit projection
QVC - Zoned lighting with motion sensors
Chuck E. Cheese - Spot lighting of animated characters
Frontgate - Residential projector
This trade show display used MicroLite color washing light fixtures and FireFly oscillating projectors.  “Solution” is being controlled by fading MicroLites. The product names (shown in yellow) were displayed by FireFlys sweeping from side to side.
The RoboLites can be linked together and synchronized to create dynamic lighting effects.  Here are examples of recessed mount RoboLites.
Specialty lighting for retail display.  This light glows, flashes on and off, and projects a sharp image for promotional, advertising and marketing applications.
Professional indoor and outdoor image projectors are a must have in today’s competitive marketplace.  RazTech’s state of the art technology allows you to create customized black & white or full color images.  Combining your logo with our projector generates advertisement that will capture the attention of millions.  Sweeping your company logo across a walkway or wall attracts attention and creates awareness.  The gobos here are some examples of the endless possibilities available to meet your commercial needs.
Our Tree-Lites create beautiful splashes of colors on trees, exterior walls, statues, or fountains.  A selection of dichroic color filters are mounted in the fixture to produce high quality illumination as seen here.
Chuck E. Cheese uses our MicroSpots in its interactive shows. This versatile lighting instrument’s light beam circle diameter can be changed to illuminate a painting, work of art, or person.
The OdiLite projector is a great advertising tool.  It will bring awareness to the business and can help promote sales or special services.
In this application, this company is able to utilize the side of its building to generate awareness of its tree services to passers-by.
The RAZ300 metal halide projector is a powerful advertising tool with excellent optics.  It can bring awareness to the business or help promote sales or special services.  In this application, “Happy New Year 2005” is being projected from a RAZ300 mounted in one hi-rise and projecting to the side of another in downtown Chicago.
Where and how RazTech Lighting products are used:

Businesses use the OdiLite as a display projector to project their company logos or as an advertising projector to promote upcoming sales or events.  Logo projection is an effective way to attract attention and improve visual impact or awareness.

Museums use the MicroSpot to project a bright focused beam of light only on the artifact, without any light spilling on the surroundings.  Sculpturing paintings with light and splashing walls with moving art can be done with the MicroSpot and Imager.   The light projection from our ellipsoidal projector creates a dramatic effect.

Trade show exhibitors use custom lighting to attract attention and to improve visual impact.  Theatrical lighting and special effects improve images and lead customers to the booths and products for sale.  Compact, automated, theatrical lighting integrated into a trade show exhibit creates the ultimate show stopper.

Amusement Parks and Cruise Ships use the automated RoboLite to illuminate performers and displays.

Retail displays can be accented with lighting which directs the customer’s attention to a product, increasing the probability of a sale.  By illuminating the product brighter than the surroundings, a contrast can be made.  A light contrast ratio of 3 to 1 will motivate the customer to recognize the product and make an evaluation to purchase.  The problem with yesterday’s light technology is that the fixtures are not bright enough to provide a proper light contrast ratio.  The MicroSpot, originally designed for theater, concentrates light only on the product with an overwhelming contrast ratio.

Comedy Clubs use the ServoLite for spotlighting entertainers on stage.

Churches have many paintings and statues to be illuminated.  The MicroSpot provides a precise sculpture light for displays.  Dichroic gobos can offer a subdued accent of color.

Night Clubs use RazLights for creating excitement, graphic projection, imaging, and the spotlighting of performers.  The pattern projector can create interesting backgrounds.

Hotel  lobbies and lounges use the MicroSpot for illuminating paintings and displays.  Lighting in walkways and ballrooms creates spectacular illusions with projected patterns illuminated on the floor or walls.  Spotlighting table top surfaces creates the perfect mood in a hotel lounge.

Theater lighting can be automated with RoboLites, Imagers, and MicroSpots through a personal computer.  Dinner theaters use RazTech Lighting fixtures because they are compact and powerful.   Chromegobos  and metal gobos can be custom ordered.

Art Galleries use the MicroSpot for projecting sculptured light only on the paintings.  Ultraviolet filters are used to block out unwanted rays that may cause photochemical degradation of the paintings.                              

Hospitals and Orthodontic clinics use the ServoLite, with it’s remote positioning and cool bright beam, for illuminating a desired area of view.

Restaurants  can use MicroSpots or OdiLites to welcome their customers or project their logos, the TreeLites are perfect accent lights for trees, statues, or fountains, our RockLites are unique walkway or step lighting, and the  GlobeLite creates an illuminating allure to any landscape.

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